UTZ Certified is a program and label for sustainable farming. Sustainable agriculture helps farmers, workers and their families to fulfill their ambitions and contribute to protecting the earth’s natural resources, now and in the future.

The mission of UTZ Certified is to create a world where sustainable agriculture is the norm, where farmers implement good agricultural practices and manage their farms with profit with respect for people. and the planet of the industry.

*** Is UTZ different from VIETGAP?
UTZ is different than VIETGAP is that UTZ CERTIFIED is more interested in producers of UTZ certified products including cultural, medical and social factors such as education, training, health care, working age. Children, people’s houses, clean water and natural agricultural production environment are sustainable, while VIETGAP also has special emphasis on clean farming techniques.

*** About UTZ certification:
UTZ certification (UTZ CERTIFIED) is a set of certification criteria for four products of coffee, cocoa, tea, and clean palm oil globally similar to the VIETGAP certification; UTZ CERTIFIED started to operate in Vietnam on coffee trees in the Central Highlands since 2002 and on Ben Tre and Tien Giang cocoa trees since 2010.

If UTZ CERTIFIED is available, then cocoa product users will know exactly where the product comes from and know the producer has a responsibility for consumers’ safety.

If UTZ CERTIFIED is available, it is recognized that producers of this product use agrochemical products appropriately, farmers and their families have appropriate housing, health care, education and training, as well as their labor rights protected, equipped with professional knowledge of coffee, cocoa and marketing methods, through which they can better access the market and develop better relations With their customers, customers believe that cocoa is grown in a sustainable manner.

If there is UTZ CERTIFIED, it will give producers or producers access to international cocoa growers’ network with support programs from buyers and non-governmental organizations, with strong support. techniques and guidelines from UTZ CERTIFIED agricultural experts, as well as from local UTZ CERTIFIED representatives.

If there is UTZ CERTIFIED, it will be a useful tool for firms to demonstrate to consumers that their cocoa is grown responsibly, which can create trust and credibility.

If UTZ CERTIFIED is available, producers and producers will be audited annually to ensure they comply with the requirements of UTZ CERTIFIED and of course will be recertified. UTZ CERTIFIED, independent professional inspectors conduct this review.

If UTZ CERTIFIED is available, it will increase its position in price negotiations for cocoa growers to get better prices for their products. The buyer confirms that value by paying the grower the price for certified cocoa.

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