Coffee is one of the major income earners for Dak Lak farmers. With ideal climate, soil is good for Dak Lak robusta coffee. Lak’s Coffee is produced and processed from Dak Lak coffee. The place attached to the coffee plateau.

Facing the competition of other coffee brands in the market and the increasing demand for coffee connoisseurs. Lak’s Coffee decided to invest in researching different flavors of coffee to meet the expectations as well as coffee drinkers’ different gout. While making new flavors of coffee, but Lak’s Coffee is still based on the taste is delicious, bold charming – bitter, sour, sweet, accompanied by the bitter taste of the original coffee.

Our coffee is completely closed from planting, care, harvesting, preliminary processing, roasting and packing. The process of production is controlled from the stage of cultivation, no chemical pesticide residue, insecticide, roasted seeds are roasted according to the secret to keep almost full of natural flavor of coffee and not use or Add any additives, chemicals, preservatives.
Lak’s Coffee is committed to providing the best we can do for coffee drinkers.

We have a mission with the brand name of Lak’s Coffee – nurture the value of the young generation with aspirations and aspirations contributing towards conquering the world from the source of endless inspiration from the coffee bean culture in Vietnam.

Lak’s coffee is always aware and focused on the quality of each coffee beans, we always prioritize the input source coffee beans have been processed and processed through strict process. With us, quality and business ethics are popular with farmers so they understand the value of the labor they bring to their customers through the care and love of coffee beans.

On the long-term orientation and development for Lak’s Coffee and the Vietnamese coffee industry, which is located on the world coffee map, when the crude output is hundreds of millions of tons, the aspirations contribute and work together to build. The young generation creates new markets and affirms the quality of raising Vietnamese coffee to the world market. We look forward to contributing to the creation of a sustainable value chain.

Along the way, we help our clients, farmers and factories connect with each other, support each other, understand common goals and engage the industry community.